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Ullu web series: ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2’ – Sofia Sheikh

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Greetings, Ullu App enthusiasts! If you’ve already enjoyed the first five episodes of ‘Andar Ki Baat’ like we have, then you’re probably as eager as us for the new instalment. Good news – the wait is almost over because the Ullu web series is about to launch ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2.’

The Spotlight on Shofi Shaikh

In this upcoming chapter, the talented actress Shofi Shaikh, also known as Deepa Bhabhi, will be in the limelight. From the ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2’ trailer, it’s clear that Deepa Bhabhi (played by Sofia Sheikh) will play a crucial role and have a significant impact on Sadhna Bhabhi (played by Ridhima Tiwari).

Unveiling a Twist – Ullu web series

The trailer hints at a plot twist as village boys appear to be more drawn to Deepa Bhabhi than Sadhna Bhabhi. Deepa Bhabhi isn’t just winning over the villagers’ hearts; she also seems to possess a unique charm that attracts the young boys.

Circle October 6, 2023, on your calendars for the release of ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2.’ Prepare to witness Sofia Sheikh’s captivating performance in these new episodes, promising to meet all your entertainment expectations. Sofia Sheikh is well-known for her work in fantasy web series across various platforms, including Ullu. Her popular web series include ‘Maa Ka Naka,’ ‘Andar Ki Baat,’ ‘Gaon ki Garmi Season 4,’ ‘Capsule,’ and many more.

Explore the Ullu Universe

Apart from ‘Andar Ki Baat,’ Ullu App offers a wide range of other web series for your viewing pleasure. While some web series are available for free, you’ll need to subscribe to the Ullu App and make a small payment to enjoy the latest and exclusive content.

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated release of ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2,’ and continue exploring the thrilling world of web series on the Ullu App. Your entertainment journey is about to become even more exciting, with Sofia Sheikh leading the way!

Ullu App – Andar Ki Baat Part 2

  • Release Date: Oct 06, 2023
  • Genre: Drama | Romance
  • Season: 2
  • Language: Hindi
  • OTT Platform: Ullu App
  • Origin Country: India
  • Shooting Location: [Banner/Production] Ullu Digital Presents
  • Director: Bhomik

Andar Ki Baat Part 2 Cast | Ullu web series

  • Sofiya Shaikh
  • Natasha Rajsewari

Web series Andar Ki Baat Part 2 Trailer

How to Watch Andar Ki Baat Part 2 Web Series Full Episode Online?

To watch ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2,’ follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Play Store or App Store.
  2. Subscribe to the Ullu App.
  3. Watch ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2’ on the Ullu App.


What is the release date of Andar Ki Baat Part 2 web series?

The release date of Andar Ki Baat Part 2 is October 6, 2023.

Who are the star cast members of Andar Ki Baat Part 2?

The star cast of Andar Ki Baat Part 2 includes Sofiya Shaikh and Natasha Rajsewari.

Sofiya Shaikh has made a name for herself in web series such as ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2,’ ‘Maa Ka Naka,’ ‘Andar Ki Baat,’ ‘Gaon ki Garmi Season 4 Part 2,’ ‘Gaon ki Garmi Season 4,’ and more.

Natasha Rajsewari has appeared in popular web series like ‘Andar Ki Baat Part 2,’ ‘Andar Ki Baat,’ ‘Fantasy,’ ‘Betab Ishq,’ ’61 62 Online Romance,’ ‘Mol Ki Bahu,’ ‘Kitaab ka Raaz,’ ‘Official Rajni Kaand 2,’ ‘Walkman Part 3,’ and ‘Walkman Part 2.’

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